Dino Tasiopoulos

Dino TMargaret's Cafe & Bakery Chef

Dino was born in San Jose, California, but moved with his family to Sonora when he was nine. His love for cooking was instilled at birth as his father has been in the restaurant business for almost forty years. Dino learned to cook at his father’s steakhouse, but also how to work every aspect of the business from greeting guests to bartending. Fourteen years ago, Dino and his family moved to Jackson, California and he took the Head Chef position at Castle Oaks Golf Course in Ione. After a few years, he returned to helping his father at the steakhouse in Sonora before being offered the job here at Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort. 

Although Dino has only been employed by Jackson Rancheria for a short while, he has already made a name for himself amongst the Margaret’s staff. A humble, hardworking chef, Dino stated, “I feel very welcome here. I love coming into such a family atmosphere.” When asked what he appreciated about this new adventure, Dino continued, “Jackson Rancheria is a big company, but everyone here is very down to earth. There are so many opportunities to grow, I’m looking forward to my time here.” In his spare time, Dino enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, and visiting the beach. 



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