Amador County Park Restoration working full time at Chaw’se

Steady progress is underway at Chaw’se Indian Grinding Rock and we’ve come a long way since the restoration began, just three short weeks ago.  Our main focus remains on the round house as crews work diligently to prepare for fall's rapidly approaching weather.
We are still in search of cedar bark as well as live, wild grape vines and would greatly appreciate donations and leads from friends within the community.    Please contact us at (209) 223-8370 if you can be of assistance; we will provide the removal, transportation and clean up services ourselves. Such donations will not only provide this sacred, historic park with years of new life, but is believed by our people to bring good medicine and blessings to your family as well. So please join us in this most exciting adventure, there’s no time like the present to join hands with your neighbors and make a difference for the families of Amador County.

Until next week, may Grandfather be with you all.

Adam Dalton
Earl Dalton III
Derik Dalton
Nick Wilson
Jackson Rancheria Band of Miwuk Indians

Call (209) 223-8405 for more information regarding the Amador County Park Restoration Project and their ongoing efforts to improve our community.

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