Amador County Park Restoration seeking volunteers at Chaw’se Indian Grinding Rock

October 3, 2013

Fall has officially arrived and with the onset of cooler weather, we’re feeling more productive than ever here at Chaw’se Indian Grinding Rock State Park. The progress surprised attendees of last week’s Big Time event as members of local Native American tribes assembled for our annual acorn gathering ceremony with dancing, hand games, craft fair and more.  With all that’s transpired since our last gathering, this year’s event was indeed more special than ever before.  We’d like to thank the Ione Band of Miwok Indians for the outstanding organization and generosity in hosting Big Time; we enjoyed ourselves as always and appreciate all that you do to ensure our traditions continue, year after year.

In addition we’d like to thank the volunteers once again, including the Buena Vista Rancheria of Miwok Indians and the Ione Band of Miwok Indians for providing lunch for all of the workers. Also, a big thanks to 7 Post, Private Investment Office for their very generous contribution as well. And to each and every member of the Rancheria work crew, we thank you for you for your relentless efforts and undying motivation thus far; we could not be where we are without you.

We would also like to recognize a very special friend of our family, Mrs. Sharon Lundgren who has provided the Amador County Park Restoration project with assistance and donations time and time again. We cannot begin to thank her enough for all that she’s done to support our efforts.  She welcomed our crew with open arms when we began the Volcano restoration project, and continued to follow our progress with additional donations and support throughout the Detert job as well.   Sharon answered the call once again in our request for cedar wood, offering trees from her property which will help us to rebuild the round house and several nearby U’macha’s (bark houses) the way Grandfather intended. 

If you have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to join the efforts, now is the time.  We have completed the sacred process of deconstructing the round house and are now calling on all our neighbors to help us repair as much as we can to the surrounding areas as we race against the will of Mother Nature.  Please keep in mind that all people are welcome here at Chaw’se and we hope that you will join hands with your neighbors and come together for the sake of preserving history and Native American culture for many generations to come.  As the late Margaret Dalton once said, “We are all of the same race…the human race”.

For information on volunteering at Chaw’se, please call Corey Adkins at (209) 419-0771.  If you wish to donate lunch, snacks or refreshments to the workers please call Jay Ball (209) 304-1151.  For monetary donations or any additional questions or concerns call 223-8405 or follow us on Facebook at Amador County Park Restoration. 

Until next week,

Adam Dalton
Earl Dalton III
Derik Dalton
Nick Wilson
The Jackson Rancheria Band of Miwuk Indians

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