Tiers & Benefits

Dreamcatcher’s Club®

Our Dreamcatcher’s Club® tier structure is designed to reward each individual player based on their play. The more you play, the higher tier level you achieve, earning more rewards, discounts, and bonuses.


  Classic Premier VIP Elite
  None 10,000 Points* 75,000 Points* 150,000 Points*
Number of Points to Qualify X X X X
Points for Play X X X X
Receive Special Offers X X X X
Show Ticket Discounts X X X X
Receive and use Free Play X X X X
Hotel Room Discount* $10 off $25 off $40 off $60 off
Rancheria Buffet Discount   20% 50% Complimentary
Discount Buy-In for Blackjack & Pai Gow Tournaments   $20 $15 $10
Kesler's Mercantile Discount   10% 20% 30%
Special Event Invitations   X X X
Fuel Discount   5¢ off 10¢ off 20¢ off
High Limit Lounge Access     X X
Rancheria Buffet Express Line     X X
Dreamcatcher's Club® Express Line       X
Cahier's Cage Express Line       X
Cash Advance Fees Waived**       X
Complimentary Suite Upgrade       X
(based on availability)        

All benefits subject to change. Earned point requirements may vary. *Qualifying periods are January through June and July through December. **Waived on $1,000 and higher advances.

How do you qualify for each tier?

  • Classic - Just sign up!
  • Premier - Earn 10,000 points in a qualifying period
  • VIP - Earn 75,000 points in a qualifying period
  • Elite - Earn 150,000 points in a qualifying period



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