Poker Room Rules

1. Absolutely No abusive language toward staff or other poker room guests. 

2. English is to be the only language spoken at the table regardless whether or not a player is in the hand. 

3. No talking or texting using electronic devices permitted at the tables. Players talking or texting on their phones will be dealt out until finished. 

4. Management retains the right to prohibit any two players at the same table. 

5. Must Move rules will be in effect at all times. Main games will be kept at no less than 7 players and the feeder game may be equal to but not more than main games. Table change request will take priority over forced moves. The Feeder Game will be the single game that most recently opened. Short games that break will honor must move list over table change request.

6. Third man walking rule will be in effect when there is a list or feeder games. Third man walking will be picked up and put on the top of the list for the game in progress or the game they were removed from. Third man walking will be replaced by the first on the list or the first to move from a feeder game. 

7. One short re-buy is allowed.

8. Only one player per hand. 

9. 10% rake up to a maximum of $4 will be extracted from each pot over $10. In addition $1 will be taken from each pot following a call to the big blind. Rounding applies.

10. Bad Beat Jackpot and designated Tournaments will be available to all players. Players wagering on the Hot Poker Spot will be eligible for additional Poker Room Promotions.

11. Wagers should be placed for all players to read. 

12. All games are table stakes with minimum buy-ins for each game. 

13. One bet and three raises maximum allowed, unless in heads-up play going into the river. (Limit Game Only)

14. No string bets allowed. 

15. Any Action out of turn will be binding unless the action is changed by the player/players skipped. (Check, Fold and Calls do not constitute action in this scenario)

16. Splashing the pot will not be allowed. 

17. Players are responsible for protecting their hands. Contact of an unprotected hand with the discarding of a mucked hand may be dead. 

18. Upon request, a called hand may be seen only by players involved in the completion of the hand. The hand will first be "killed" by contact with the muck. Winning hands must show all cards. 

19. The Dealer will read all cards that are turned face up by the player. The Dealer will not turn over any cards.

20. You must turn over all cards in your hand to win at showdown.  

21. All chips must be in full view of all the players at all times to be eligible for play.

22. Black Chips and above do not play on any game until colored down. 

23. All Tournament Chips must be separated and visible at all times to all players. 

24. A cash or chip "buy-in" during a hand is not allowed. 

25. All Verbal declarations or action are binding. 

26. If through Dealer error the pot is pushed to the wrong player, the pot must be returned to the winner. 

27. If a player's card drops under the playing field of the table, this MAY constitute a dead hand at the Floor Supervisors discretion.

28. Any player absent from the table 45 min past their first missed blind will be picked up and replaced with the first player on the list or the first player to move from a feeder game. Seats that are on hold without chips will be given 10 min from the time a player leaves the table. When the 10 min is up the seat will come available to the first player on the list/feeder game.

29. Picked up players will go back on the list in the first position. Players that exceed the 10 min hold limit will be placed as a new sign up. 

30. Bad Beat qualification is as follows, A,A,A,K,K or better beaten. Payouts will be 50% to the loser, 30% to the winner and 20% table share. 


Management reserves the right to modify or cancel any promotion, event, activity, or program at any time without prior notice.

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