Banquet Polices

Catering Policies

All Agreements for function space are subject to the following conditions as well as the rules and regulations of Jackson Rancheria, which are available for your review in the Sales office.

The attendance for any functions must be specified 72 hours in advance. Once specified, this number will be considered a guarantee, not subject to reduction, and will be made accordingly. The attendance listed on the Event Order will automatically become the guarantee if the Catering office is not advised by the above deadline.

  1. All food and beverage is subject to applicable service charge of 19%. All prices are guaranteed 90 days to the function. Any function booked beyond 90 days may be subject to price changes without notice, based on prevailing market cost.
  2. Audio Visual Items are conveniently available for rental; however a 72 hour notice is required to reserve your requested equipment.  Rented items not cancelled within 24 hours are subject to a service charge.
  3. When providing a split entrée selection, the higher priced entrée will prevail as the overall entrée cost.
  4. Jackson Rancheria is not responsible for loss or damage to wedding or special event cakes. Jackson Rancheria will not take responsibility for handling or storing wedding or special event cakes. The client must arrange to have cake set up/displayed by the contracted bakery vendor. 
  5. We prepare meals for functions 5% over the guaranteed number in attendance. If required to prepare more than 105%, there will be an additional charge of $2.00 per person for covers exceeding the allowed coverage and selections will be based on availability. 
  6. If the client delays the meal service beyond one hour of scheduled service time, an additional fee of $2.00 per guaranteed guest will apply.
  7. Should you cancel this space within 60 days of the function date, Jackson Rancheria shall use its best efforts to resell the space. The resulting cancellation fee will be based on the unsold portion of the guest rooms and function space, equal but not to exceed 100% of the total value of commitment.
  8. Outside food or beverage is not permitted in function rooms. No food or beverage will be removed from the function room.
  9. Function rooms assigned are tentative and Jackson Rancheria may reassign rooms without prior notification. The Catering department will use its best efforts to notify the Meeting Planner of any unanticipated reassignments.
  10. Jackson Rancheria will not assume responsibility for damage or loss of merchandise and reserves the right to require security for certain events. Only Jackson Rancheria approved security firms may be utilized, or security can be arranged through the Catering office.
  11. Only Jackson Rancheria approved vendors may provide goods and/or services upon the premises of Jackson Rancheria. Our Catering staff provides you with a list of approved vendors.
  12. No signage may be affixed to Hotel walls or doors. Easels can be supplied through the Catering department. Only professionally printed signs may be displayed in the Hotel lobby. Your Catering Coordinator or Conference Service Assistant must approve any signage.
  13. Our banquet tables are set with white or crème linen. We will gladly provide you with additional colors for a minimal charge of $1 per napkin and $6 per table cloth.
  14. A labor fee of a minimum of $150 may apply for any room set changes on the day of function.
  15. A minimum service charge of $150 per hour will be charged to groups exceeding contracted time frame for each meeting room occupied.
  16. A minimum service charge of $125 will be charged to groups providing A.V. on own for electrical drain. All audio video support or requested assistance with set up is subject to a minimum of a $75 labor charge.
  17. Function rooms will be left in a neat and orderly fashion, free of debris, trash or decorations. For disposal of substantial amounts of debris a handling fee will apply.  
  18. Either a pre authorized credit card or approved Direct Bill application must be on file with at the signing of the contract.
  19. These polices shall be governed by and constructed with the laws of the State of California.
  20. If any party commences action against the other to either interpret or enforce any contract terms, the losing party shall pay the prevailing party, in addition to any other amount awarded there to, an amount equal to the attorney fees, cost and expenses, court costs and other costs paid or incurred by the prevailing party in connection with the prosecution of defense of such action.
  21. When providing a cash or hosted bar, each bar must meet a minimum of $300 in revenue; if this minimum is not met the difference will be billed to your master account. All bars must end 30 minutes before event ending time.
  22. Music must end by 11 p.m. inside the conference rooms and by 9 p.m. on the outdoor garden terrace.
  23. Jackson Rancheria reserves all the rights allowed by California law and laws set forth by the Tribal Council of Jackson Rancheria.
  24. All alcohol contracted for and opened is non-refundable. All purchased alcohol will remain on the property of Jackson Rancheria and cannot be taken from your banquet function for any reason.
  25. At no time will anyone under the age 21 consume alcohol. Management reserves the right to confiscate all alcohol and/or cease any sale or consumption of alcohol immediately.
  26. If anyone at any time appears to be intoxicated, management reserves the right to cease any sale or consumption of alcohol to that individual or group immediately.

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