House Money Side Bet

House Money is a side bet for the game of Blackjack. If a player makes the optional wager from $1 to $25 and his first two cards are a A&K suited, 2-Card Straight Flush, a Pair, or a 2-Card Straight, he will be paid according to the following pay table.

Hand Pays*
Suited A-K 9 to 1
2-Card Straight Flush 4 to 1
Pair 3 to 1
2-Card Straight 1 to 1
# of Decks in use 2, 6, 8

 *The original wager is also returned

The player is paid the above payouts regardless if the Dealer has a Blackjack. If the Player has one of the above hands in their initial two cards, he has the option to add the entire amount paid (including the original side bet wager) or any portion of the winnings to his base Blackjack wager. The player may choose to simply collect the payout. If the Dealer has Blackjack, this option does not apply and the player will simply be paid for his winning hand.

If the player chooses to ‘cap’ his base Blackjack wager by adding the winnings of the initial phase of his side bet, the entire wager will be considered to be his blackjack wager. The player may also cap his wager if his winning hand was a Blackjack (Ace-King Suited).

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