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Visit one of North America’s Top Rated RV Parks

At Jackson Rancheria we offer not just the best RV Park in Northern California, but one of the top rated parks in the entire country. 

We take pride in our park which is reflected in our 10-10-10 Good Sam rating.

Located in a beautiful, secluded forest setting, our RV Park is only minutes away from all the action at the Casino, as well as the Historic Mother Lode Gold Country. You will find it all here; a gorgeous, quiet place to stay that offers a calming sense of tranquility, along with the gambling good times the Casino provides. 

See what it is like to RV Rancheria Style®. 

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11407 Dalton Road, Jackson, CA 95642

Electrical Power Notice:

PGE is the provider of electrical power to the RV sites at the Jackson Rancheria RV Park.   Please note, that especially during days with excessive temperatures, PGE at their discretion may enact power outages.   Also, of course, unplanned outages can occur such as blown transformers or auto accident or downed power lines etc.   

As JRCR is not in control of these circumstances please be aware that JRCR can’t guarantee electrical power to your rig during your stay at JRCR.  We recommend you take precautions such as having a backup generator and regularly checking on your pets if housed in your rigs especially on days with excessive temperatures.   Feel free to contact our office at 209-223-8358 on any day during business hours for updates on the status of electrical power to your rig.

Thanks for staying with us and we hope electrical power is not interrupted during your stay. 

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