Native American Gathering

Native American GatheringThe Jackson Band of Miwuk Indians successfully hosted their first inaugural, Native American Gathering on Saturday, May 18th with friends and family from tribes across Northern California. The invitational event attracted several vendors, offering a variety of items from traditional beaded and abalone jewelry to informational booths such as the American Indian Film institute and the Friendship House, residential, treatment program from San Francisco.

The day began with a spiritual prayer lead by Miwuk elder, Mildred Burley, accompanied by song from Dennis Dalton and his fellow Native drummers. Attractions included entertainment from two local, traditional Miwuk dance groups and guests were welcome to join hand game tournaments and sharing their music and prayer on the community drum. Later they enjoyed earth cooked venison and pork with fry bread and customary accompaniments, before ending the evening with laughter thanks to the comedians of the Pow Wow Comedy Jam.

The comedy show was opened by a presentation given by Michael Smith, President of the American Indian Film Institute. During this heart felt presentation, Michael thanked the event host, Adam Dalton, Tribal Chairman of the Jackson Band of Miwuk Indians for “being a longtime supporter of their program for more than 15 years”. Adam was presented with an oversized, handmade dreamcatcher, which he accepted gratefully alongside his son, A.J.

The event ended shortly after the laughs subsided and was said to have been one of the best Native Gatherings in several years past.  The 2nd annual event will be scheduled soon and will take place again sometime in late spring of 2014.

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